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NFS: Undercover constantly crashing.
★★★★ Novice

I have just brought NFS: Undercover on Origin today. However, I haven't even gotten past the alias loading screen without the game crashing.
Downloading the game, I go ahead and launch it. The game loads in the lowest aspect ratio possible, and I am pretty sure with the lowest graphical settings too. I am not too sure, as I cannot access the settings in the main menu.

Pressing Enter, I create a new profile. The game begins to load aaaaaaaand crash. I cannot do anything, having to sign out and then back in into Windows.
Reloading the game (I have done this multiple times on different compatibility modes), it will always keep crashing when I try to load a profile.
I have reinstalled the game, and the same issue is there.
Is there any way for me to fix this? It would be massively appreciated.

Who Me Too'd this topic