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How much longer can you expect to keep an audience with no new content?
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I am a huge fan of all of the Plants vs. Zombies titles, and heroes in particular is my favorite. I have been a player since the beginning. I hate to say it, but if they do not add some new content soon I am going to move on to greener pastures. It has been well over a year since they released any new content for this game. How long can they expect to keep an audience with no support for this game. When it first came out they had new content all the time. I cannot even remember when they added a new event card. You would think the least they could do if they are not going to come out with any new characters is to make Beta Carotine and Huge Giganticus purchasable like the other characters. This is really sad because there are a lot of people still playing this game. Unfortunately if a game does not make EA millions they do not bother to spend any money on it. It is sad this is a very fun game that is going to disappear do to total apathy on the game creators part. Oh well, its been fun playing with all of you, but I fear if they do not add content soon, I am going to find something else to play.

Who Me Too'd this topic