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Recruiting squad for YouTube content
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Hi all, Encloaked here and I am looking forna squad to run games and create YouTube content with.


I have been putting lots of time and money into streaming and YouTube lately in order to hopefully someday make this my future job. However doing this solo and on my own is less fun compared to a squad you can have a laugh with and joke around with.

This meaning I am looking for a squad that would like to play with me and work on some projects that I have in mind. However with this comes some rules as I'd say to make sure the people I play with fits my personality and vice versa.


I am looking for players who:

1. Have a Mic.

2. Are 18+ (this has to do with charastics and way of thinking, i do play with an younger audiance as well just not for content).

3. Act in a mature way (no swearing towards eachother, no raging or ragequiting, treat eachother with respect and just overall no screaming in the mic). Ofcourse everybody gets annoyed some time and thats fine just not overdo things.

4. Speak fluent and understandable English.

5. Are able to have a laugh, joke around and theres no need to be always so serious. Remember games are always about having fun in my opinion, but ofcourse we always try to win.

6. Share positive vibes and energy, this kinda sums up all the above.

7. Preferably regulary online. This doesnt have to be every day or 8hours a day just some days in the week or some hours would be nice.

8. A decent understanding of the game and how to play. Not asking for Pro Esport players but knowing what to do in what situation and actually sticking with your team, reviving, helping eachother etc is needed.


If you guys are interested simply leave your PSN down below, and give a quick description about yourself if you would like.


Im a fairly new streamer and content creator so dont expect 1M views on our videos, however I do have a dream and a goal that I am willing to chase no matter what. So i believe I can make this work within time, rome wasnt built in one day either Standard smile 

If you would like to get to know me a bit check out my social medias.


Instagram: Encloaked

Twitch: Encloaked

Twitter: Encloaked1

YouTube: Encloaked

Mixer: Encloaked


link to all social media here:


For the moment i focus on my social medias (YouTube,Instagram,Twitter) as well as on Mixer to stream. Twitch has a different search engine which makes it harder to get recognized. However in the future I will be streaming here once Ive grown a community.

Im focusing every single day on improving my content by bettering my editing, adding in overlays/themes, bettering my way of interaction etc. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Who Me Too'd this topic