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1.0.4 Woes, Concerns and Suggestions
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Some issues:


1. "Connection Problem: Error loading Pilot Data. Please try again."  This is still a thing. Edit: I'm not seeing this one as much randomly anymore, but I do see this problem when I equip consumables.


2. All my javelins fly slower and overheat faster after today's update. This seems to be working a little better than before the 1.0.4 update.


3. I've been playing for a little over seven hours with 1.0.4., and I haven't noticed a positive change in loot. If anything, I'm seeing more rare drops.


4. I played Heart of Rage (start to finish) on GM3 and got one legendary, two masterwork, and nearly a full page of rare and epic. For the length of time it takes to complete HoR on GM3, it's not worth the time if the game is so stingy with legendary loot drops.


5. [Ranger gear challenge] Inferno Grenade II doesn't become available, so I can't advance progress in that challenge. I've read that it showed up on its own for some people, but I haven't found a specific solution to this issue. This has been fixed.


6. If a player picks up loot, it automatically gets deposited into every player's inventory. This is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, everyone is guaranteed that loot; on the other, it's more useless crap I have to salvage. This seems to have been solved. Nicely done.


7. I can only speak for myself, but I don't care for the vanity chests. Maybe spend more time working on critical bugs instead of crowbarring a new RNG mechanic in a list that most people have no chance to complete.



Some suggestions for the next update (hopefully soon):


1. After capping out at 30, maybe present the option to turn XP into coins after an expedition.


2. In the very least, double the available slots. 250 fills up too fast.


3. Add a select option or checkbox to batch salvage worthless loot (after the victory screen, in the forge and in the vault). With the 250 slot cap, salvaging is beyond tedious.


4. Allow us to sell ember for coins to the vendor lady. Some of us have thousands we have no use for. Suggested pricing: UC=1, R=5, E=10, M=25, or price them from 1 to 4, I don't care. I just want to unload this excess ember. I can't fathom a point in the endgame where I'd think to myself, "everything is going good with this legendary weapon, but you know what would make today great? Crafting an uncommon one."


5. Give us masterwork and legendary support gear.


6. Add masterwork sigils at least.


7. Explain LUCK to us, or just get rid of it altogether. I have almost 160 hours logged and eight legendary items. That's almost 20 hours of playtime per legendary item not counting loading/salvaging/etc.


8. Do away with overheating while flying. Only have javelins overheat when enemies use a fire attack (depending on resistances, of course).



Feel free to add any issues or suggestions. As I play 1.0.4 more, I'm sure I'll find more to add to both lists.

Who Me Too'd this topic