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Rivals match up engine fails Im about to quit
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 Im addressing u, dev team, i guess id never want to play a game where smth.s screwed, the same is Rivals. I need yur answer: Do u think its any way fair if Ive been encountering match rivals who are too tough to play against due to my level ??? you can see it at pics attached in here. for instance, me lvl 3 vs. lvl 8, how come ?!?! Second, Ive been matched up against highly ranked guys or along wit unknown units for about a day by the time !! Why on earth should i battle on against those EVERY EVERY SINGLE TIME ? ok, say 8 outta 10 times. Because of the two abovementioned im literally stuck n now it feels like waste of time thats it. just take a look - why should i fight the guy who paid for the 59lvl unit - mammoth tank ?! anyones sure to lose in this case if eh doesnt buy crates for money as well..

 its guna be utterly sad if not fixed guys. 

Who Me Too'd this topic