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The Current Experience (From a Player that is having fUn)
★★★★ Novice

Hey people, its Derweanq (Derwin) Ps4,


So...over the last 4-5 days (I can't remember how long its been because of the lack of sleep)...I have found a consistent rotation of players out there to run squads in Anthem. I mean I had to find a whole new subset of friends because my hundreds of friends I already had said... no thanks.... However this has been a great experience!


However However, this has also been a weird experience.


Over the past two days I have hit the legendary gold mine, and I am sorry for those who are triggered by this, because I certainly was before two days ago. And to a certain degree some players that I have been playing with has not had the same luck. And....boy does it suck...let me explain.


We all know Rnjesus expects you to be completely free of logic to gain access into the guild of those who receive his blessing of extreme favor int he form of wondrous loot. But man...maybe im a little soft in the heart but can anybody out there relate to the extreme enjoyment of getting a legendary and wanting to shout out loud in your living room, but when you do you hear the pain in the sighs from your team...And understand this....I know those guys are happy for me, I know they understand its random, I know they get over it and continue to enjoy the game...But its kind of a let down....I mean there was a streak when I got 3 legendaries while sparingly waking up from falling asleep on the mic while my team was doing all the work...I awoke just to say...I got a legendary!.... there a way, the devs can tie the chances of a squad together? Idk...I was playing the division and the experience was the complete opposite. Not only did everyone get something useful after every mission ( i only played 3 missions)...the stuff they didnt like or had duplicates of..they passed on to its like...nobody felt like crap...I mean..we are all putting in work...and in general people feel like the loot system is broken...


I mean look...a new update is coming...maybe it changes all this...maybe people start experiencing that increase in loot drops...


maybe this post is all for nothing...I mean...look there is the other problem that some of my masterworks have better inscriptions than my legendaries...but all in all...Im having fun on the game. and I think i may be addicted to combos.


Who Me Too'd this topic