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In disbelief..
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With as many problems as this game has, it seems like you would be rolling out patches almost every other day to fix standing issues.. The practice of waiting to fix a lot, in a single patch, is losing you players due to them having to wait on fixes to a game that was unfinished to begin with. That practice won't work for this title, as it's so messed up.  I haven't played in almost two weeks, and I come back to no change at all. NOTHING. See, now I won't play for even longer due to lack of faith in your efforts. Not that it matters much to you now; you made your money off of me at this point, right?..


Are you guys only focused on Apex Legends at this point because it might make up for the money you've spent on this unfinished game?.. Seriously. I see why it's a 'one time purchase' now. You made your money off of idiots like myself.. Thanks. This goes towards my next few comments..


I've watched, and waited, for this game for almost two years now... THIS is what I get. I've refused to play Apex for this sole reason. I will not support a developer that seems to abandon a product, and fans, they've been promoting for so long.


I've had issues with EA in the past. This sealed the deal. I will not invest another dime into anything associated with EA until you get it together. You have a lot to prove, as if you didn't already. This was my fault, honestly. I knew better than to buy into anymore EA hype.. Your company, honestly, ranks up there with Supercuts when it comes to games; quantity over quality. Apex; the Sun shines on a dog's * every now and then..JS. 

Who Me Too'd this topic