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many of those 10k kills players have a very similar playstyle (aimbot style)
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i have atm 236 hours in this game . it is my 1st BR game i play it and invest time and money . yes i have the wraith heirloom . 


i think combined i have ~1000 kills on few of my mains . most time i average ~3 kills per games. some games i get 5 kill never broke double degits . i watch streamers while playing . i notice all their behvoirs of they shooting pattern is the same as damn aimbot . 


if they not hacking i simply don't get how they do it. i see people laser you to death on those streams.  i am so confused how they do it . 


i see them moving so fast and yet hit all their shoots and headshot . i simply don't get it how ? i try to do it the recoil is too big to able to make it work . But those streamers seems to make it work . if they don't use hacks or aimbot or anything of that sort how they do it . 


how can i even practice to able to get to this precision 

Who Me Too'd this topic