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Honest opinion from a fanboy who is leaving Anthem
★★★★★ Apprentice

Before I get the whole "Well then leave *, good riddance!" from most likely everyone who will post a reply, hear me out.


I was extremely excited for this game. What's not to love, you're Iron man with different suits and you get to fly in an "open world" with a bunch of weapon options, and it's Bioware who spent 6 years creating the game has a great deliverance of story. Well, after a couple hundred hours played, the excitement came crashing to a halt. I still want this game to succeed, but I am at the point where it has become a chore to log in because it's the same thing over and over again and it's only been out for a month. So I'll be taking a hiatus until a lot more content and fixes are implemented.


I think the main thing that is shocking is that the claim was it took 6 years to make.....were there only 5 people working on this?

The story was OK, but generic.

The so called "open world" gives you the illusion that it's a free roaming open world. It's fun to fly around, but 80% of the map is unpopulated and is absolutely worthless to explore like up on cliffs, and even under water where if you're lucky, MAY find a chest full of useless loot, which brings me to my next point.

The loot.....the loot is the poorest loot system I have ever experienced in a MMORPG which I've played a lot of. 47 different inscriptions to rolls? Out of the 47 inscriptions, really only 15 of them are worthy of being decent. Then after fighting for getting the rolls you want, you need to get a nice amount roll on that inscription. Also the drop rates are abysmal.

(I know it's changing, but it should have been in at launch)

No stat page......(I know it's coming, but it should have been in at launch)

No customizing the color of a looter shooter....(I know it's coming, but it should have been in at launch)

Complete lack of armor customization in the base game. (I know it's coming, but it should have been in at launch)

Completely unbalanced endgame where it's only efficient to play at the lowest grandmaster setting (I know it's changing, but it should have been in at launch)

Freeplay is extremely empty, lonely, and deserted. You're unable to put a waypoint on a map. You don't know where the world events are, so you have to go out of game and look at maps done by players to look for the spawn points. (I know it's coming, but it should have been in at launch)

Useless and lazily thought out weapons and masterwork abilities/buffs on more than half the masterworks. (I know more is coming, but more should have been in at launch)


Do you see a pattern here with the (I know its coming)? The only logical explanation was EA forced the deadline to an empty and mediocre game.

I think Datmodz said it best in the simplest phrase. "Anthem is missing so many core game features that are an industry standard." Most of these issues are common sense and are truly industry standard and choosing NOT to put these simple features in at launch is beyond me. It's like the Devs have never played any looter shooter or RPGs.


But anyways, I am posting this because I want the game to get better, but the Devs need to hear what the issues are rather than me saying to myself the game is boring and just leave without explanation. I'm fully aware that I'll get the immature nerdragers who are lying to themselves and think everything's great, but I'm willing to deal with it if that means there's a chance to fix Anthem.


Who Me Too'd this topic