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Stuck at Epic Level 30 without Masterwork drops
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So I am not sure about anyone else, but, I have been stuck where I am at for over a week now. I haven't recieved any new gear that I can equip to my Ranger in almost two weeks. What I do get for Masterwork drops is just the same thing over and over. I have even run Grandmaster 2 dungeons and been innundated with blue and purple gear but only rarely get a Masterwork drop and, again, when I do it is the same thing over and over. Artinia's Gambit, Papa Pump, Wyvern Blitz, Avenging Hearld, Elemental Rage, Thunderbolt of Yvenia... I've only received two components and both of them I don't use on my Ranger. The only Masterwork assualt launcher I have received is venom darts, again I don't use it...


It just seems disprortionate and I shouldn't be getting such crappy drops in Grandmaster 1 or 2. I can't even find the one weapon I have been looking for all week, the Cycle of Pain. Is there any way to adjust loot drops becasue I feel like I am stuck beating my head against a wall at this point and it really isn't fun to just be left behind like this... All i do is die in Grandmaster 2... while most of my friends are moving on to Grandmaster 3...


Thanks for the help

Who Me Too'd this topic