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You are part of the problem
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   I am getting a little tired of people who write about spending money yet still enveloped with cheaters.


You are part of the problem, you spend money on the game  so the Devs say oh well there may be a problem but the money is still rolling in, why change anything.

So please stop complaining when you are dumping money into a cheat riddled game cause any business will sit back and collect the money until it stops flowing.


If the money stops coming in, well they may decide to clean things up cause i am sure the legit players may come back in that instance and play the game again.


As the game is now, its ridiculous, Pubg , i'm sorry to say, is better now in regards to ratio of cheaters vs legit players in comparison. This game is soo over run it's laughable.


If you support the way things are, don't complain!

Who Me Too'd this topic