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Restoring account
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I have an un-linked account (did not have the Google Play option in game on Android, and do not have a FB account), and the game installation seemingly got corrupt so it can not start up anymore - I am getting stuck at this screen with no dialog displayed even (attached).


Prior to this I have had issues with frequent game restarts, and I have always submitted the crash log in hope that this would help to make the game more stable.


Anyhow, if I reinstall the game, I would lose all the progress. So I got stuck.


I created a support ticket 47249416 about 10 days ago, and the support and answers received thus far are as follows: 1) the typical basic troubleshooting steps (restart the Android, clear cache, etc.), 2) we reported this as SW bug to our development team, 3) please post a message on forums (which I am doing now in desperation ...).


I've been playing the SWGOH for 2,5 years, every day. It bothers me that I am not able to log into the game and that I have not made any progress for more than 10 days now. I am in a good guild, and they are awaiting for my return. I have invested a lot of efforts in this game, made a solid progress having a relatively strong account, and I am a big fan of the Star Wars, and I really love this game (it is the only game I am playing...).


The way I see it, the only way forward is to reinstall the game, or install it on another device, and thereafter do some manual copying of files from the corrupted installation that contains the account data, and/or get some support and manual interventions from the development team for restoring the un-linked account (as I am sure the account data is also stored on the servers).


To be honest, after a number of loops from with the first line support team and no new suggestion in about a week (other than saying that the SW bug has been reported to dev team, while my request is for restoring my account), I am losing hope that I would get help through the standard support channel to be able to successfully restore my account.


Can anyone provide some useful advice or proposals how the account could be restored? Other than that I should await to hear back from the first line support team. After all, they have strongly suggested that I post a question on the forum ...


Thank you.

Seljo Beljo

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