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Need help w/ Legendary Drops
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  • What’s up all!? I am writing this post today hoping I can find an answer to my problem.. I have been playing Anthem ALOT since it dropped (PS4) and since I have beaten the game and reached level 30 I have not gotten 1 single Legendary item!! Since I unlocked the legionnaire challenge (The one where you need to do 25 strongholds, 25 contracts, quick play, etc) I have completed 30 plus strongholds, quick plays, world events, contracts, etc all while at least running them on Grandmaster 1 or 2 and still haven’t received any Legendary items! All my friends (who I play more than) get Legendary items on average at least 1 or 2 a week and it drive me crazy that I can’t progress!! Also, I watched a video recently (not sure if this is correct or not) that explained I needed to raise my luck as high as possible and run these events on Grandmaster 1 in order to increase my chance at Legendary items.. For the past week I have played Anthem on grandmaster 1 with gear I wouldn’t normally use with at least 150 to 200 percent luck and STILL HAVENT GOTTEN ANYTHING.. The last time my Bro played with me (who doesn’t play half as much as me) I suggested to him to raise his luck and run grandmaster 1 w/ me and within 5 minutes he got a legendary item (his 5th) and I didn’t get squat! Bottom line I Love this game and just want to progress... Any suggestions??

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Who Me Too'd this topic