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Stay away from Anthem official Discord ~ Here's why
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Hi everyone, hope your all having fun!


While this Discord server has provided us a singular place to group up and meet. It is controlled by immature kids who will abuse there admin powers any time they dislike, disagree, or think you are bring rude and or offensive. While rules of conduct are obviously needed, this group actually goes much further than that.


With out question, with out warnings... If you say ANYTHING these out of control mods find offensive or rude, dislike, or disagree with then you will find yourself banned for literally no reason, confused as to why you were banned. Being rude or being offensive should never be bannable, because to think freely and share opinions freely in a free society carries a risk of offending others on a daily basis. Not everyone is going to agree with my opinions and some mite even find them to be offensive, but that does not mean that I myself was being offensive. Telling someone they are uninformed can be considered very rude. Calling someone nieve can also be considered rude. But what if the person in question is actually uninformed? what if they are being nieve?


See where this line of thinking takes you? It literally means you can be banned for saying "I like cookies"  why you may ask? well * maybe 1 of these mods almost choked on a cookie and now they are irrational when it comes to cookies, any time the word cookie pops up BAN!!!! BAN!! BAN!!! why? because they find that word offensive -.-


Do yourselves a favor, stay away from this community Discord, untill these mods are put on a super tight leash... Banning people in community discords should always be a last resort and should never be the decision of a single person to make.


Edit: Oh I forgot to mention, these mods/admins will also troll you after they ban you. lol

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Who Me Too'd this topic