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I only have 2 fortress
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Hey guys,

its been 3 or 4 days now that I only have only 2 fortress listed on the map when we choose a fortress mission, so I can only launch the Temple of Scars and the Maelstrom.

I'm lvl 30 for a long time now, this occured after a server disconnect when I was on the fortress that wasn't listed (I've launched a quickplay and joined a finished mission then got a disconnect.), after the reconnexion, my character was lvl 1 but when I launched a freeplay my lvl got back to 30.


Before that, everything was fine and I've been playing hundreds of times the bug fortress with out bug (haha).


I tried the repare button on origin, and waited for the update, but still cant see/choose the bug fortress Frown

this is my conf even if its useless :

SSD 500 go,

GTX 1060 6go,


16go ram,

windows 10


Cant send a screen because its too big.


Thanks !

Who Me Too'd this topic