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Is this and official VISCERAL or DICE server ?
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Hi, I'm playing on a server called "Downtown Rush Hour >>Fast vehicle & agent spawn<< (EU)" On PS4 platform, The server says it's officially belongs to game studios, The thing is, Whenever I kill a player named "HRT-Freeman" I get kicked out of the server. This happened 3 times last couple of days and I have captured two of them when as soon as I kill him, I get kicked out. There's no rules in the server regarding "LEAVE THIS USER AND DON'T KILL HIM, BECAUSE IF YOU WILL, YOU'LL GET KICKED OUT." 
If this is really an official server that belongs to the studio or the company, This really shouldn't happen.

If this isn't an official server, Then how am I seeing that the OWNER of the server is the studio name in the server information ?

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