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Why don’t I just buy a PC! Really?
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Every time I post in a game forum that I would like the game developers to add Native mouse and keyboard support to their games in consoles (since both Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox now have the option to use them). I quickly receive many hate responses that M/K don’t belong on console and if I want to use M/K so bad they tell me I should just buy a PC. Simply look and this forum and look at the amount of Topic titles with the word “Cheat or hack” in it. There is your answer why “I don’t just buy a PC”. Let’s face it, every single major game title right now: COD4, Battlefield V, Destiny 2, PUBG, Fortnite,.........” is full of talks about cheaters in their forums. 

Everytime a new patch comes out for any of these games one problem is fixed and more cheats quickly find their way into the game. I truly believe game developers are trying to prevent them but just simply can’t keep up with the people who create these hacks and cheat codes via the easy access thru opening files on a PC. 

With that when it comes to FPS games M/K is simply a better input device to play with. Better aim, better movement, more accurate and simply more fun. 

You have reached record number of players, now I constantly read titles like “done till cheaters are banned”, “done till reporting players is an in game option”, “done till hacks are resolved.” 99% have these posts, are about PC issues. I’m almost level 100 on Xbox One X and yet to feel I’ve come up against a cheater or hack user and the game is really fun still. Only issue is the controller sucks. I could get a Xim Apex I guess and probably will soon, only reason I haven’t till this point was I truly believed Native M/K was coming to most these newer titles when they released. 

Please add M/K to console, welcome all these PC players that spend thousands of dollars on gaming rigs to join the “cheat free - hack free” gaming community. Sure we may not be running 144 FPS but I, not getting head shot thru a wall from a guy across the map with a P2020 either! 

Try it, if it fails, then disable it. Only one way to find out if it will work or not. Please!!

Who Me Too'd this topic