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Mouse Aiming Broken / Weapon Changing Fix
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Hello EA and Bioware! 


NR 1.

You guys must give us option to Raw Input and Mouse Acceleration OFF/ON couse luck of this 2 things breaking mouse aiming.. 

I can't even move my crosshair ( it stand in place ) and it's hard to aim properly on head or weak points when I move my mouse too slow nearly impossible... which in sniper rifles is the most important thing... -.- and even in different weapons it's so damn annoying...  Tested on 3 different pc and mouses.  ( the same stuff was in CS GO for while but they fixed it quite fast ).



NR 2.

PLEASE when I flying or running or whatever and I don't aim I want to change my weapon only not reach out for the weapon and stop my Javelin when I'm in rush to enemes...  It's really bad when I want to fly fast to some enemy and fast aim with shotgun but I have different weapon and need to change and aim just then... I want to instantly unhold and aim with shotgun or instantly unhold and aim with sniper or whatever weapon I want in specific moment, you can make this adjustment on specific choices 1,2 or TAB or just give additional options to bind /



( Just give option to change weapon without unholding them )


Hope there is everything clear if not I will give answer, Played with friends and those things are most annoying for us in fast fights which we love the most.


Love the Game I did End Anthem Story after 39hours looool :D



Who Me Too'd this topic