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Solution for freeze and server timeout (mostly for FX 6300 users)
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Thanks for BogutUndersaw solution with stopping Windows Audio Service!!! ( )



I made a little bit automation for this.

You need to do the following:


1) Create a .bat file in game directory with this text (make sure that you specified your game directory right) :


ping -n 30 localhost>Nul
net stop AudioEndpointBuilder /y
net start Audiosrv


2) Create a shortcut of this .bat file on your desktop and put a daw "Run as Administrator" in shortcut properties


3) Make sure that your Origin is running and then run shortcut from the desktop


4) Profit


This little script does the following:

It runs game and then wait for 30 seconds (until game loaded to main menu) and then doing trick with stopping windows audio endpoint builder and starting windows audio


Yes, this thing fixes freeze and server timeout, but it doesn't fix random crashes in mid game Frown






Who Me Too'd this topic