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Node Attempts Refresh Issue
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I was trying to refresh attempts for the first time (25 crystals) for 8 more attempts on light side hard node 6-C. I hit the "PURCHASE - 25 crystals" button once, dialog box went away, and the attempts were not refreshed. Waited, tried again (dialog box asked for refresh at cost of 25 crystals), same issue happened. Waited, tried a third time (still cost listed at 25 crystals), nothing happened. Figured it just bugged out and wasn't registering my purchases, left, came back in, and finally had 8 more attempts, but was missing 300 crystals.


I know it probably thinks I purchased 3 or 4 refreshes (honestly, I can't remember how many times I hit the button...whatever would cost around 300 crystals), but I only wanted 1 more refresh at 25 crystals. And for the 300 crystals I paid, I only got 8 refreshes, not an additional 16-24. Any way to either get the crystals back or at least give me the additional refreshes I unknowingly purchased?

Who Me Too'd this topic