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Blocking is such an egregious and blatant problem i don't care if i get banned
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All this entire, whole season since the beginning I (and others) have made countless post about how the blocking is sabotaged, reckless, blatantly against you and the awareness means nothing. Far too often, especially on two point conversions, when running a run play my blockers will back or run into me purposely as if their awareness is 60 or 70 causing me to stumble and fall causing a tackle or disrupting my efforts in favor of the defense causing a tackle, loss of yards and or downs, turnovers and failed two point attempts. You guys say y'all play this game as well, but, it behooves me to know how and why y'all don't have any of the same problems as we the players and customers who DO NOT work for ea? Unless y'all are playing a different version of Madden overdrive on a different system than we do who does not work for ea. But if y'all do, how on earth, or anywhere else for that matter, it doesn't bother y'all and y'all have never made a grievance about this in particular? My teams entire awareness average is 95. Ninety five. There's no way of the ratings mean anything this should be happening at all and especially, not at the rate it does. These are not small, minor, "not that big of a deal" infractions. These are egregious in nature and are just as bad of a problem as any and everything else that's wrong with this game. We should not have a 99 ovr offense with players that never know who's around them, where they are on the field and blatantly and purposely not blocking anyone, but running into the field as if they have the ball looking to score.  

Who Me Too'd this topic