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100 hour pass with 1 legendary :c
★★★★ Guide

this is my 100th hour . I notice on my origin . and all I got is 1 legendary thing drop and its drop around my 85 hour or 3 day ago . Now day I forget what is that color drop look like,

this is bad :c

I really delete 2 legendary thing is come with primce access with rage. Well even I am prime acees and early access I Just paid 70$ again for buy game again but its not give me a legenadry thing LvL 47 for real use

but well its np =|

I happy in this game still ./// except at this time. I cant login it show error retrive live data. how long does it take for fix it I wonder = ^ =..

I craft and spend 125 master ember last time. and all I got is junk gun . and each gun can recycle to only 1 master ember each .. this is bad economic ever. 

this is bad, nerf drop rate is kill this game. I belive that j-e-r-k is made a post " Drop rate is kill this game . please nerf it " is came from other game company . for sabotage this game , and he success. . I feel like play for nothing. at this time. even how beauty it is.  its like no reward after end of mission even its gurantee now 1 MW skill per GM1 . but how about weapon or leggy thing ?

Its not have a purpose to play except fun. but  at this time. game is Disable SLI by it self. graphic lag is out there abit :c   and even I am 488 . I not feel I am become powerpuff on GM1 stage. 

no idea . I just abit complain -_-.. during I waiting login server is up . 

cheer freelancer 

Who Me Too'd this topic