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just did a purple contract, did not get a masterwork...
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It's all in the title. did something change as of the patch, do they no longer give MW? 

Also, I was under the impression that for one thing, when it dropped from those particular missions it would do so from the last boss, which nothing dropped from him. and for another I was under the impression that if for some reason you missed loot, at the end it would go out and find it for you, a la Destiny, so you wouldn't lose anything...

was I mistaken?

Edit: to be clear, at the end of the mission I did get a bunch of purples as the contract ended, so I do believe that system is intact. However, that is the only thing I can think of in regards to why I might not have gotten this one, that maybe it dropped somewhere and I didn't see it...

Who Me Too'd this topic