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Origin Premier refund because of faulty Anthem game
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There is a known issue, which is being ignored by EA - forums are evidence of this. A service supplied by you - Origin Access does not provide what is being advertised, namely a fully working Anthem PC game, for which I purchased a year Origin Premier Access for that game (Anthem) alone with no interest in the remainder of the Vault library. As a suppler of this game the onus is on you to seek recompense from the game developers/studio following you refunding a sale due to faulty goods.


The game breaking bug (am unable to access the javelin after completion of story) prohibiting my, and many others, accross all formats, further playing of the game has been raised in several EA forum threads which are not being responded to. I have had this issue for over 10 days.


I paid by Credit Card  - I have not been sold what was advertised ... Anthem was released, and advertised as a fully working game, not a BETA or Pre Alpha .. as such it should be working fully and it is not. I want a refund of my yearly premier payment or an extension for everyday I have been, and am unable to play Anthem until they fix it.  Alternative I can start a dispute via my credit card provider or the American Arbitration Association ("AAA") under its Commercial Arbitration Rules / UK equivialent and the US BBB.




Who Me Too'd this topic