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[PS4] Want Refund for Anthem’s Phenomenal Connectivity!!
★★★★ Novice

I’m soo done being positive and hopeful. 


I just want my money back so I can be on my way. 


The connectivity of this game is getting me way to triggered. 


After every mission I lose connection.


Sometimes while talking to a NPC I will lose connection. 


It’s been happening since launch.


The latest patch did nothing. 


Reinstalled the game and this problem continues.


Literally cannot play until this is fixed! 


This is is the message I keep getting:

”Error retrieving Anthem live service data”


I have gone through EA’s connection troubleshooting twice, this problem is happening at your server’s end. 

A lot of people have been reporting this... 


Apex Legends - A free game has way way way better connectivity than this $60 game. 


Just give me my money back I’m soo done with this...

Who Me Too'd this topic