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Origin is a good laucher
★★ Newbie

Honestly, you should be ashamed of this launcher you have. it is so terrible, me and all my friends literally get mad trying to use it. first of its just not intuitive what so ever. I had to search around just to find the games i own. Why? Why is it not clear? Also, it just crashes all the time. it's an unstable launcher. More than that it is clearly just a money grab and you guys have 0 intention of pleasing your customers. if you were worried about them you would just put your game on steam like any other damn respectable company would do; but nooo, you can't stand that lose of revenue so you punish all your players. Like, you guys obviously make millions off of you greedy ways, so why couldn't you reinvest just a little bit of that into making a stable launcher.

Who Me Too'd this topic