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Colossus MW Shock Coil + MW Siege Artillery 'Tanking' GM2
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Hi guys! Just wanted to share a build that I've been using in grandmaster 2 content.
It revolves around using Shock Coil & Siege Artillery masterwork version. I say 'tanking' because it's not the usual/typical tanking in other MMOs. I've run across several random colossus players also running this build, I guess we all came ot the conclusion that the build can be used to tank.
This is meant for new colossus players who like the 'tanking' playstyle, to give them an idea on what to expect at higher difficulties, as I'm sure a lot, if not all, end-game/vet colossus players already know about this.
I didn't include any fancy amazing god-roll masterwork/legendary stuff as I don't really have one for this build, so I just stuck with the basics.
Anthem Colossus SC SA build.png
Who Me Too'd this topic