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Masterworks stopped working?
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I got a few Masterworks on my Storm and today they seem to just stop working.


Elemental Rage Assault Rifle - 5% Elemental damage on hit stacks to 20. This was GREAT to buff up my gear casts. I could see the buff being applied on the left and the damage increase was amazing. Now the buff no longer applies. Doesn't show up on the left and no damage boost.


Gunslinger's Mark - Weak point damage while hovering. It used to have a percentage but now it says 0% and it's clear that it no longer works. Ground and hover weak point damage is the same.


Mark of Ruin - While Q recharges, increase E dmg by 20%. This just doesn't work either. No buff is shown on the left, and no damage boost.


I've tested this a BUNCH in freeplay with different setups for the past 2 hours just now. They just don't work and render my build pretty useless. Guess I'll play another class for now?

Who Me Too'd this topic