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I have an idea to request to the development team
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This is an request about an idea to add to the game Spore. 


My idea is to make it so you can actually land your ship at T3 planets and enter friendly colonies with the ability to interact with the inhabitants. This way the player has more to do rather than just explore the universe and colonize. 


One of the features I was thinking to have was that when your in an colony you have to feed your player and you can live on the planets.


The outside would stay the same as to what players want their custom buildings to look like, But you could walk towards the building and press an button on your keyboard to enter and see the inside.


But if the player wants to, They can edit the interior of the place by editing it in the building editor that is already in the game.


Plus maybe they could have missions being good or bad. One idea was to be able to hunt down others for money. Basically being an contract killer. One other idea was to have an job where you actually hunt down and kill/arrest the contract killers.


I was thinking that maybe the player had to work on getting an spacecraft so that way the player gets used to the city kind of thing.


One other suggestion was to make it so players can have the option to actually control the vehicles they make. That way your not just commanding from literally nowhere in-game and the player gets to use their creations as long as it has an cockpit/bridge.


Plus maybe for spaceships they could have it so players can fully interact with the ship if they wanted to, But they have an option to learn the controls and to make it simple.


Maybe if instead the player could actually fly to different solar systems it would make the game an bit more fun because your not just clicking on solar systems to fly around

Who Me Too'd this topic