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So far so good with the update, but.. .
★★★★ Guide

So far we haven't been plagued by fumbles after the recent update. Thank you ea. 


But.... You guys should really look into the blocking (or lack thereof) in this game. It's been suspect at best this entire season. Our players do stuff like run clean past defenders without so much as looking at them, let alone block or at least try to. They give up on blocks super early. We have blatant pass interference and now y'all have even added horse collar tackles this season. They abort their blocking assignments often, even though you picked a play partly because of the blocking assignment for that play in a situation. They always act like they don't see any defenders even when they're right in front of them in arms reach. They unnecessarily double team players when they don't have to and when they're not even supposed to, even when there's a defender right in their face for them to block. The awareness ratings definitely do NOT translate to the field considering all that goes on (or doesn't) with how the blockers operate. Please, please acknowledge this and look into it. It's like my teammates are playing for the other team the way my plays and games are sabotaged because of the unnecessarily poor blocking. This is a plea for help. Thank you.

Who Me Too'd this topic