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Storms Survivability needs changed for Grandmaster 1+
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Good morning,


Long story short, I was gear score 417ish with 2 epic weapons, all 36 components that give shields and armor, plus the 35% resist to elemental damage.


I decided to go into my first grandmaster 1 freeplay with a group comprising of each javelin and I was getting absolutely shredded by trash mobs while using Ice abilities to freeze them, using windwall, hovering for the bonus shields, and evading like you're supposed to. The other javelins seemed to be doing OK, they were getting hurt too, but nothing like how I was getting chunked by simple trash mobs.


The biggest issue though is one of the world events we had to kill a Titan. Now again, I was geared and had high elemental resists. The titan did that move where he slams the ground and pulls up those seeking fireballs, i misjudged the distance and evaded early, and I got 1 shotted from full shields and health. If I'm "geared" enough for Grandmaster 1, then I shouldn't be getting 1 shotted by secondary moves from a boss. Sure if I was standing right under him while he did a slam, then of course I would understand that. But getting 1 shot from an elemental attack while in the javelin that has the highest elemental resist (minus the secondary bonus resists you can get from the rolls on compents,)  that should not happen.


I'm not sure this is just a boss tuning issue because again, it seems like the storms get shredded by trashmobs in Grandmaster 1 as well as bosses, but something needs to be done. If I'm getting 1 shot in grandmaster 1's by a minor ability, then clearly there is something wrong and I should just play on Grandmaster 3 if I'm already getting 1 shot on Grandmaster 1.

Who Me Too'd this topic