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Bug with Items from Apex Packs
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I purchased a bunch of Apex packs from the shop in Apex legends. I opened them all and they appeared to be bugged out. I got a bunch of Gibralter skins and when i went to equip them, none of them work they all show his default white skin. I also got these 3 red items for wraith including this knife, but when I checked my inventory there was nothing there. Has anyone else gotten a bad batch of Apex packs or experienced bugs with the items? If so how did you get your items to work, and missing items to show up? When i contacted support they said they didnt have these bugs reported yet and they reported the bug and told me to ask for help on here so here i am. I go to gaming tournements including the Redbull Rise till Dawn tournament with ninja and Dr Lupo, and would like my items to work if end up going to an Apex tournament in the future. If you don't have any solutions please at least reply if you had any similar issues with Gibralter and wrait items. thank you for the help.

Who Me Too'd this topic