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[PC] Importing a save file from Mass Effect 1
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Since the release of the trilogy edition, many people have asked how to import save files from ME1.


Finding the configuration utility



MassEffect2Config.exe is located in the Binaries folder in the game's installation directory. On most PCs the default will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Mass Effect 2\Binaries.


There is also a Binaries folder in the Documents directory, but that's the wrong one.


Locating the ME1 save folder


Open MassEffect2Config and go to 'Save Games'. Then click 'Copy Mass Effect 1 Save Games'.


You then have to locate the folder with ME1 saves. The default location is Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Save.


Select the folder and click OK. It doesn't appear as if anything happened at all, but it should be fine now. Start ME2, and you will be able to import your save file from ME1.


Mass Effect 3 doesn't require these steps.

I don't work for EA.

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