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BFV Mouse Lag / Terrible Stuttering (13th February Update)
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Good day everyone,


Recently(starting from the 13th February update) I've started to get massive stutters in firefights and these stutters make the game unplayable to me.


Attached is my DxDiag.txt and below some extra info:

Lastest Nvidia Drivers (418.91)

i5-4690K OC @ 4.2Ghz (stuttering still occurs at stock clock)

GTX 970 Stock

RAM 8Gb 1600Mhz DDR3

Game locked to 74fps(my monitors refresh rate, stuttering still occurs at 60fps)

FFR on/off, Vsync on/off, DX12 on/off, game setting to low and min latency option... I've tried everything, nothing works.


If the devs need more data/info feel free to contact me, I won't mind.


Below a 1min video, micro-stutter is constant and big stutters occur at 30sec and 50sec marks(at 50sec I can barely move my screen because of the lag)


Who Me Too'd this topic