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New Character Idea
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So i wanted to share my idea for a new character with the community to see what they would have to say. I have never done this before i am a pretty shy person and don't usually share my opinions with anyone but, i do come up with a lot of cool awesome ideas for games. Anyway  so i noticed they only have one tracker into the game and i started thinking to myself what kind of new character could they add that would be able to track people in a cool why and here is what i came up with. A native american character where his tattoos would come to life as his abilities kinda like that one bad guy in elektra. (click on link below to see image) Like for example for his regular ability he could send out an eagle that would fly a 100 yards or so circling up and in the sky near the closest player. It could have a long cool down and it would be able to be shot down. His special ability could be that he sends out a pack of wolfs that will run and attack nearby down players to finish them off these would also be able to be killed like the eagle but i would say that the eagle can die in like one shot and the wolfs would have at least half the health of a normal player no shields though. Then for his passive skill he could have like an hibernate ability like a bear in winter lol so if he gets down he would fall asleep and after about 30 seconds he would be able to be self revived but he wouldn't be able to carry a player shield for when he goes down. Since i am part native american i thought this would be really cool to see. I am a pretty passionate person when it comes to video games so just once i would like to be able to design my own character in a video game. To be honest i hate battle royal style games but i really like to play overwatch. After my friends made me try to play this game i am pretty hooked on it now and like playing it a lot. Even know this post is probably going to get tons of backlash or negative comments because everyone on the internet is an angry troll but i still would like to hear what the community has to say about this discussion. P.S excuse the bad English i am horrible at typing and spelling so yeah Thanks and Peace.

Who Me Too'd this topic