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Sundog Gaming - Alliance for Anthem (Clan for Gaming)
★★★★ Novice

Greetings Freelancer,

It has been two years since the Heart of Rage, our once proud conclave left broken and scattered. But the world still needs us, the Anthem sings, the Scar are encroaching ever closer to our settlements, and the Dominion is scouring the land unopposed.

They seek Shaper Relics in their foolish quest to control the Anthem of Creation the very same quest that caused the Heart of Rage.

Dust of your Javelins, steel your hearts and join our Alliance as we rebuild that which has been lost. Let us band together and show the world that there is still glory and honour in the name Freelancer.

Join us "Strong alone...Stronger together!"


Sundog Gaming is a PC exclusive gaming community covering multiple games in a non-toxic and friendly environment. We currently have just under 425 members spread and woven across a multitude of games (Destiny 2, The Division)and we are now looking to expand our ranks and build up our Alliance in Anthem.

Within our ranks you will find players from EU as well as NA so you will never feel lonely no matter your playtime.

As for your play style... You should have no problem fitting in if you are a hardcore player min-maxing and theory crafting on that primer/detonator (Flamethrower / Lightning Coil FTW) or just have time for that one mission before you need to put the kids to bed (and if they don't want to sleep we'll probably wait for you - sadly we can't babysit).


So come say "Hi" on our discord (


Look us up on Guilded (


Hit me up on Origin (LucianTitu)


Looking forward to meeting you Freelancer.

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