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There is a mine of useful pvz2 info out there, so I'm posting a few links with a brief description.

Feel free to add your own.


Low level plant strategy problems?

Try the level 1 mini forum.

You can't go any lower.



My own Lost profile solution?

Taken down by EA but not yet replaced by anything better;


The Rackman proposal, starring magicdaveshroom as Jason Bourne; A fair and well argued response to the 7.3.1 update.




Three polls organised by Xarxee, king/ queen of the gnomes. (Hard to tell under the beard).


Powermint poll;


Gemium plant poll:


Premium plant poll:


Hackers and cheats report thread on reddit;


Leaderboard hacking, from Dr Zomboss (i suspect he/she isn't qualified to give medical advice);



Fandom, a mine of plant info, upgrading costs etc. Just don't believe what they say about costumes;


From our glorious leader, eieio the barbarian, his level 1 victories on utube;



For the kiddies, i did this, a pvz2 alphabet;



From Rackman70, what to do if you lose your streak (no longer relevant since EA took everyone's streak away);


From Tigerol🐅, An extremely good FAQ with nastery mastery explained;

Who Me Too'd this topic