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[PC] Black Iron Vanguard Recruitment | Discord Partner | Gaming Family of 4500+
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  • Welcome

    • Welcome to Black Iron Vanguard, fellow Freelancer. BIV is the newest addition to Grizzly, our Gaming community. With this newest division on Anthem, we’re looking for people who are interested in having an amazing group of regulars to enjoy the game with. Generic LFGs work and all, but wouldn’t you rather have people you love to be around?

    • Grizzly is already 4,500+ members strong so finding teammates will not be a problem.

    • We have no current in-game requirements to join, if you own Anthem and want to find some great people to play or just hang out you're welcomed to join us!
  • What are we about:

    • We are here to build the gaming community that everyone has been looking for. We started only less than a year ago, and our work has shown that we have what people want. We can not count the amount of times we've been told that we saved a particular game from getting boring for someone, or that we've saved gaming for them all together.
    • We strive for simplicity, and our overall structure reflects that. Our rules are extremely barebones and it has never caused us any problems, because when people are trusted, it helps build compatibility. Our division and rank structure is also as simple as it possibly can get inside Discord's limitations, while still being fun to progress through.

    • We want this clan to be welcoming for both newcomers and seasoned veterans of not only Anthem, but gaming in general. We mean it when people here care about each other, and no matter where you stand you'll find a comfortable place here.
  • We know what we’re doing:

    • Our leadership has an extensive amount of experience in community management from all over the spectrum of the gaming world. We even have a sister community that is one of the largest active and known Gaming Roleplay communities/clans out there.

With that being said, you're probably ready to join!

If you would like to become an official member of Black Iron Vanguard then simply fill out the application below!
Origin ID:
Discord Tag:
Experience in Anthem:

Example Application:
OriginID: ZachTaylord
Discord Tag: zach#0001
Timezone: EST
Experience in Anthem: I played in both demos, and have been having a blast so far in the early origin premier access!

Join our Discord with this invite link:

Once you are in the Discord, a staff member will contact you and guide you through on what you need to get started. Even after having thousands of members, it is extremely important to us that every member deserves more attention than just a bot message and a #welcome channel.

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