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PS4 - Looking for a more players to play with?
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PSN: Admiral-Sunsail.

I am still looking to expand the group of people I am gunna play with. No stress / demand to be part of a guild if you dont wanna be. We will be a freeform group which you can associate yourself with to organise grouped activities in game.


This is not a guild perse but a community of friends. We invite people here to organise strongholds and playing together on a freeform basis - have fun and cheer each other up. Link your usernames / your puns and dad jokes - be civil and friendly. Leave your drama and troubles at the door and come have a laugh here. That is the only requirement.


Click my profile pick and drop me a Direct message with you PSN username. You can also copy paste the template for all users to add you.



I am 30 living in EU. Will be online all weekday evenings from 7pm CET (Paris) and most of the day on Weekends.


Generally Gunna make a place for ppl who have life, kids, work & bills - if you gotta step out no problem you go handle business but when you need us to game we'll be here to gun some Anthem content.


If you have a lot of friends they will passively generate coins for you via Alliance system. Even when off line you will benefit.


Message me your PSN Standard smileor use template and post below.


Template you can copy/paste:


PSN Username: <JohnDoe>

Age: 30

Timezone: CET Paris EU.

Play time: 7pm each weekday and all Weekend.

Content: Strongholds on GM3!!!!


Anthem Javelins by MuHut

Who Me Too'd this topic