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Apex Legends - Black Screen on Launch (PC)
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I'm experiencing an issue where after launching Apex Legends, the Respawn and EA splash screens appear without sound, then the banner loading icon appears in the bottom right corner of my screen for about a second, then the screen turns black and nothing happens.  The program shows CPU and memory use in my task manager, but I can't see anything or do anything, and I have to force close the game.


I have tried everything I can find to resolve this, including:


-clearing temp files

-repairing Easy Anticheat

-repairing Apex Legends

-reinstalling Origin

-reinstalling Apex Legends

-unlinking my Steam account

-running the game in windowed mode

-running the game with the "-quickstart" launch option

-repairing my Visual C++ libraries

-deleting local files in the Saved Games\Respawn\Apex folder


None of this has worked.  I still have the same problem.


My hardware is: Core i5 3470 -- Radeon RX 570 8gb -- 8gb RAM

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