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PS4 Game Crashes After Every Second Match
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So I have a problem I can easily replicate. Basically I log in, join my friend, we matchmake and play a round to completion. Then when we go back to the lobby and matchmake again, right when you choose your characters my game crashes. Either then or shortly after we drop and land. So I reboot the game, go back in and it auto connects with my friend's lobby and then we both ready up, and right before it finds a match, it boots me out of his lobby and so I need to rejoin him and then we're good for another match. Then the process repeats itself. So it's super hard to play multiple games in a row.


The first two days were flawless!! Now this is happening. I've heard it has something to do with linking your EA account since my buddy has no issues, but I don't think he has a linked EA account.


Any idea on what's going on or if a patch in the works? 

Who Me Too'd this topic