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Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.
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Hi, with a game so new, the community will be learning together to discover useful tips, tricks and cool things as we play. Please add anything to this thread that you would want a new player to know!


1. You can scramble up walls a surprising distance.

If you jump at a wall and hold the jump button, your Legend will scramble up and mantle over the top. They can make it up quite a distance, the wall in the pic below can be easily scaled for example, as can many single-storey buildings



I didn't catch this on my first few games, and I found it's great for repositioning, escapes, or for saving time on basic traversal. 



2: The color of the damage text shows your opponent's armor.

If you shoot someone wearing armor, you get a little icon to let you know that this will be a harder target, but did you know that the color will show what level armor they're wearing?


Nail a headshot and the damage will show as yellow. 

No Armor: Red
Level 1: White
Level 2: Blue
Level 3: Purple



Level 2 Armor


Also, bonus tip, when you loot armor from a vanquished foe, it'll be topped up! So if you took a beating to your Level 3 armor and you're out of batteries, you might consider trading down. 


3: Use those Balloons

See those big red balloons dotted around the place? You can zipline up them and glide where you want. This of course can be used to cross the map fast if the circle is closing in, but it can be used in combat and ambushes too. Boost up solo or as a team and drop above/behind the other squad to get the jump on them. You can use them to escape a bad situation too, but make sure you distract your hunters first, you'll be an easy target on the zipline. 


4: Kick the door down.
Many don't know that you can break the doors in this game. Either use grenades or employ your melee to smash the door out of your way and make an entrance! 




So, is there anything you wish you knew when you started, any wisdom you want to impart to future Legends? Tell us below!


Who Me Too'd this topic