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Accessibility For The Visually Impaired
★★★★ Novice

Hello I‘m a visually impaired Gamer I lost most of my vision about six years ago it’s still fairly clear but severely tunnelled and it’s hard to track things. Ever since I haven’t been able to enjoy many games besides strategy games I just can’t keep up with the typical player. Your demo last weekend was the first time I felt a glimmer of hope that I could potentially enjoy a game like that in a long time. Your current accessibility options helped greatly but I was curious if it was possible to add in a few more? Such as changing the colour of the reticule, changing the colour and duration of damage floaters but most importantly increasing the size of the waypoint and player icons. I would love to be able to play this game with my friends but I don’t want to slow them down either. The biggest barrier to that is keeping up to them and being able to follow the waypoints. If there were a scale to increase the size of the waypoints drastically it would instantly make this game 10x easier and more enjoyable for me. I know I’m a very very small niche of the gaming market but your game has me really excited about the possibilities and I figured it was worth taking a shot. Thanks and no matter what I still love what you’ve done with the game.

Who Me Too'd this topic