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Welcome to Apex Legends!
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Hi all, below are a few resources that should help with gettings started with Apex Legends, and as a general reference. 



Check out these articles for info on the game and some words from the Devs.


If you're having any issues, please check out these articles on our help site. 



When you're posting on AHQ, you'll find the right place to post below


  • Do you want to discuss game balance, customization or strategy? Head here to give us your 2 cents!
  • If you're having an issue with your system such as install, crashing or instability issues, please post on this board!
  • Talk about incoming game news and the game in general here!
  • Find a squad to play with here!
  • Are you seeing a Bug that you want to report to us?
  • If so, please fill out a Bug Report!Show off your creations in the Creative Corner!


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Who Me Too'd this topic