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How to maximize energy replenishment from home items
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Energy is renewed on its own, 1 energy point every 2 minutes. Renewing energy fast is essential when doing events and quests. You want to help your Sims get finished as soon as possible and, then suddenly, they have 0 energy left.

You can let them eat a cupcake, and their energy bar will instantly be filled up to 30 points.


use cupcakes.png


Another way to recharge energy is by using home items from the bathroom and bedroom collection.

Tap on your Sims’ energy bar and you will see how you can help them replenish their energy.


comparación energía.jpg


Here you can see how to help your Sims recover energy by using home items with maximized energy recharge and how often these actions will be available:




The following chart is a guide to all the items available for purchase in the home catalogue, and information on how to use them in order to obtain maximum energy recharge. You will unlock more and better items as you level up in the game.


Tap to enlarge the chart.

Updated Maximum Energy Recharge Chart JPG-01.jpg



Thank you @simmerdownMAL for the updated chart :eahigh_file:

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