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[PC][AOD] We are the PC community your looking for. Mature, with over 3k members
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★★★★★ Novice


Angels of Death: Anthem Division

Looking to suit up with our group of Freelancers in the Angels of Death?
Well you've stepped into the right launch bay.
Angels of Death is a mature PC based gaming clan founded in 1999, with over 3000 active members across 18 divisions
We operate as an independent organization focused on keeping the Anthem of Life out of Dominion hands! AOD's reputation outside The Wall is well earned from 18 years of prosperity and camaraderie.

While we're all Freelancers, underhanded acts of exploitation and cheating will be met with a fully charged Shock Mace and will be shown no mercy! Ruthlessness aside, the Angels of Death make excellent squad mates.
We have the deepest vaults, access to the many factions through out Fort Tarsis, and routinely out fly and outgun our competitors in our collective pursuit of coin.



We operate a TeamSpeak 3 server for voice comms, and a Discord server for chat.
Our fellow freelancers hail from the four corners of the globe with varying levels of experience from beginners just learning how to calibrate their Javelins jet packs, to seasoned veterans that can fly circles around the largest of Titans.
This is a place where pilots of equal wit and charm can soar together and city dwellers can hone their forging skills and become talented pilots in their own right.
Members can make use of our growing library of useful information and resources located in our private forum.


AOD is made up of gamers from all over the world that come from different backgrounds and are made up of men and women of all races, creeds, and preferences.
In order to assure that our valued members can relax and enjoy themselves, we enforce a Code of Conduct that is designed to reduce drama and prevent humiliation and abuse.
Violations of this code are dealt with appropriately. We are here to play games and have fun.



One of the best parts about launching with AOD is that you’ll never fly alone.
The area outside the wall is a dangerous place, and you can be certain that if you find yourself surrounded by Scar, your clan mates will have your back.
We meet at the Launch Bay and play informally on a daily basis as a well disciplined squad.
AOD also conducts routine training as needed for a variety of topics, such as navigation, Javelin setup and maintenance, combat training, and other topics as requested by our squadmates.
Every legendary freelancer has to start somewhere, right?



In order to be eligible for membership in Anthem division, you must meet the following:

Be at least 16 years of age (Firm Rule)

Be on TeamSpeak whenever you are ingame

Contribute to the forums regularly (once biweekly as the bare minimum)

Abide by the Code of Conduct

We are an honor clan that focuses on fair play and good sportsmanship.

Ready to suit up with us? Follow this link to apply and we'll get you inducted into our ranks!


**After you've applied, feel free to reply to this thread and introduce yourself to the other freelancers

Check out what else AOD can offer by browsing the rest of our supported games @









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