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[PC] ANTHEM PC LFG Discord Server [ NA / EU / OCE / ASIA ]
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★★★★ Novice
This Discord server is a general server for all ANTHEM PC players for them to share, group and play in a clean and active environnement.

We offer:

- A dedicated Administration and moderation team always caring and willing to help users
- A Discord Server that listen and evolve according to its Members needs
- Regional support, for NA, EU, OCE and ASIA, at least 1 Moderator for each region
- Multilingual and support, currently french and english
- Presence of know content creators of ANTHEM community 
- Very well organised and clean set of channels and roles.
-260+ Members (30/01/2019)

Edit: 1000+ Members 10/02/2019

Click here to join ANTHEM PC LFG
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Who Me Too'd this topic