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Medal of Honor Allied Assualt Remastered (Pitching an idea to EA & Devs)
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So I was thinking with all remasters of games today as other publishers are doing; why not do a remaster of MOH:AA?

I have read somewhere along the lines that Call of Duty (one) is getting a remaster. Why not look back and do a remaster of this great series and title?

I fired it up today and have been playing it on and off periodically thru out the years and I always find myself coming back to this series for it's story and at the time "graphics".


Even for being a 2002 game it was not about looks back than but more along the lines of gameplay and story, there was passion behind MOH a true story of soldiers courage and Point of view.


This topic is open for discussion and hopefully makes it's way to the top so they can re-consider visiting this title.


I would personally like to see a remaster of the whole war chest.


Retro is coming back so why not bring some of the games with it also?



Who Me Too'd this topic