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ANTHEM VIP Demo | Latest Updates
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EA Community Manager
We are continuing to track current issues for the Anthem VIP Demo and the team is working very diligently to quickly resolve them. Here's the current list of the most reported and known issues affecting some players:

  1. An infinite loading screen when launching the game or entering an expedition.
  2. Inability to get past the Anthem title screen. (potential workaround below)
Resolved or Mitigated:
  1. Some Xbox One players are unable to access the Anthem VIP demo. - Resolved
  2. Rubber-banding during free roam and/or missions. - Mitigated (details below)
  3. Second javelin not unlocking when reaching level 12. - Resolved (NEW details below)
  4. Inability to access their Anthem VIP demo friends codes. - Resolved (details below)
Potential User Workarounds & Details:
  • Stuck at Anthem Title Screen: One reason for getting this message is if you did not redeem your code on the correct EA account. If that happened, please follow the steps on this page.
  • Another Potential Solution if you're having trouble logging in this weekend on PC:Set your clock to auto-correct on the time instead of manual. 
  • Rubber Banding: We identified problems in our infrastructure that were causing some rubber banding. We have already made changes to our back end to improve the performance and will continue to do so over the weekend.
  • Unreceived Javelin Unlock Tokens: The second javelins tokens were addressed. As a further thank you, all four javelins are also now available in the forge for players who have played in this weekend’s demo. Won’t get a chance to jump in? They will be waiting for VIP participants next weekend! Log out and back in to see them if you’re in game.
  • Friend Code Redemption Workaround:
    • Clear your internet browser cache, OR go into incognito/private version of your browser.
    • Try to load the page again.
We will continue to update this thread with new information as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience.
Who Me Too'd this topic