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[PC] SOLVED!! "Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data" is an account problem
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SOLVED thanks to Wvyshe


If you are getting "Error Retrieving Anthem live Service Data" it is due to your Origin account. 

I tried my friends account and it works on my pc and network, but my account does not work.

EDIT: This is on PC + PS4
EDIT 1: find your debug log where you installed origin C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\debug.log and mine says "[0125/181906:WARNING:resource_bundle_qt.cpp(114)] locale_file_path.empty() for locale"
EDIT 2: Did you select voice male/female then continue to this error. I did at 9AM before server issues were fixed. Suspected reason to be stuck as profile did not update properly.
EDIT 3: Other forum posts have claimed making a new account and sending yourself a new VIP code will work for now but will not fix your main account
EDIT 4: On a working account, you actively press enter to join the game, but on accounts with the error above, it will straight go into loading screen loop
EDIT 5: The 95% stuck loading screen for loading MISSIONS is not the problem we have here. We have the repeating loading screen and error popup at LOGIN LOADING

EDIT 6: LOCALE problem solved by changing game language to another one and after download it will work! PS4 ALSO

Who Me Too'd this topic